JInterView - Open Source Document Assembly

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JInterView - Open Source Document Assembly


What:  JInterView is a client (swing) as well as a servlet (web based) application for document assembly.

Why: The purpose of JInterView is to take an interview (answers to some questions) and generate a formatted document.  Similiar to the process encountered when using software to do taxes.  Answer the questions and get a nicely done tax return.

How: JInterView uses XSL FO and XSLT technologies as well as the FOPand JFOR APIs  to make a form-based interview process that generates formatted documents in HTML, RTF (suitable for use with microsoft word and many other word processing applications) and PDF format.

Who:  The need for document assembly capabilities can be found in many industries and professions, however, the most common use is in legal offices where specific "boiler-plate" language needs to be formatted in a consistant fashion.